Well, it comes down to Sunday for IC to have a winning Football week.

He is 12-3 This Week.

He went 3-1 Yesterday (he lost the bigger unit play with the arizona/arizona st. total and won 2 outright plays and won the hockey play)

I will update everything here as soon as the plays are up.

"How is he doing lately question"

Football: He is 1-1. If he wins the Vikings today he has a winning week.
Football: 8 of 9 Winning Weeks and 22-11 (66%) last 10 Weeks

College Basketball: 5 Straight Winning Days (4 outright winning dogs)
He had Oregon State +7.5 yesterday outright over Texas

Hockey: 10-2 Run (He won yesterday)
Winning October/November

Daily Video: Waiting on it

Football: Vikings +1
Hockey: Waiting
College Ball: Waiting