I was playing a bonus whose max cash out and min cash out were both exactly $180. The max bet was established at $5. I finished the wagering requirement with a balance of around $130 having played nothing but slots with wagers under $5. To save myself some time, I went to chat to ask if I could now bet how I wanted to try to get to $180 because I had already completed the wagering requirement. Chat support told me that I could, and it would not violate the terms of the bonus. Therefore, I went to the blackjack table and got my balance up to $180 and then requested a payout. A number of days later, the payout team invalidated the win and zeroed my balance. They said I violated the $5 max wager rule. I followed up with emails and a pair of chat sessions. I have twice requested on chat the transcript for the original chat session where the chat operator told me I could wager as I did. Desert Nights has thus far refused to send it to me and have not budged on their position. I gave them warning that I would make this posting and have sent them a link to it. I should also add that to cash out that $180, a $30 transaction fee would be levied. I did not realize when opening an account that Desert Nights does offer bitcoin payouts.