I have posted a number of complaints in the past about BetOnline (BO) and Sportsbetting.ag (SB), which are skins of the same company, and must unfortunately do so again. BO runs numerous casino tournaments including a weekly Ultimate Spin-Off tournament that you can qualify for if you give them $4000 + 4 days action the previous week. All tournament rules state that "A player is only eligible for a single entry per tournament. Entries from other accounts by the same person is considered abuse". This is perfectly fine, but BO is now using a corrupted interpretation of this rule to stiff me on tournament wins. BO is now claiming, even though there is no written rule to this effect, that if you play tournament A at BO and play a completely different tournament B at SB they can nullify the winnings on either and nullify the next entry you've earned to the Ultimate Spin-off tournament as well. This is what happened to me. Worse BO did so without warning yet claimed the opposite. When prodded as to what warning I had been given, BO would only say that a "note" had been put on my account. BO's justification is that I was abusing their freeroll system and quickly cut me off chat twice before I could even respond. This is particularly ridiculous given the circumstances. I was playing through several rebuys of a slot tournament at BO. Since a lot of that is auto-spin, I went to SB so I could concurrently play the Super Bowl Hangover blackjack tournament before it ended. I finished 19th for a $350 bonus I never got. All entries to that tournament cost $10 and my nullified entry to the Spin-Off tournament was not free either. I lost more than $2600 the previous week in casino on route to meeting the requirements. The nullified entry is actually kind of costly as it is definitely worth it to keep rebuying that tournament because only a few dozen people ever qualify and all the prizes are cash. Twice previously, a few months ago, I met the requirements to qualify for other Ultimate Spin-Off tournaments where I was also excluded. Even after wrangling extensively with support, the only reason they would cite was that I was "not invited" as though that explained anything. I've also been stiffed about a half dozen other minor tournament wins since my last posting.

The prizes BO awards for their casino tournaments are casino bonuses. Judging on what I have read from other posters, most players really struggle winning on them. They have a 50x rollover (slots 100% weight, roulette 10%, blackjack 5%), 2x max cash out, restricted wager sizes on both the low and high side and expire after 7 days. The 7-day rule is a major roadblock (by design) because the 2x max cash out and wager limits severely cramp what your wager size should be. My guess is that BO is now trying to improve the efficacy of these expiration dates even further. Previously you could at least alternate tournaments between BO and SB so that all of the prizes did not end up on the same site. You could then auto-spin a bonus at BO while playing another bonus at SB to save time. If BO wants to prevent this, I'd have no problem if they'd put it in the rules. Don't let a player accumulate a number of wins and then revoke them retroactively like they did to me. My advice would be to play all tournaments on one site. Even if you get the nod from customer support in advance to do otherwise because you want to make better time playing the bonuses, I know from past experience management might still countermand that go ahead and blame you for it.

In other news I ended the Ultimate Spin-off tournament on 1/17/2022 with my name clearly showing as 2nd on the leaderboard for $750 cash. I even waited a minute afterwards to make sure the system was properly refreshed. The next day I noticed I was instead credited $500 and immediately went to support. Since there had been so many times in the past when BO had messed up crediting prizes (truly so many, many times), I asked them to substantiate why I was getting the 3rd place prize. Since it was conceivable (though unlikely) there was some technical problem at BO preventing the correct leaderboard from showing in real time, I thought I would give BO the benefit of the doubt. However, BO refused to show any evidence. They claimed they needed to protect the anonymity of the other players. They refused to give the handles of the 2 players above me or even what the two higher scores were. This is absurd. The tournament handles by their very nature are anonymous and this is less than a day after the tournament ended. Anywhere else you would still have access to the leaderboard for a period of time to make sure prizes were credited correctly.

Finally, an update on BO's Fruit Loot tournaments. I know nobody cares, but I had previously reported on how I had kept track of over 43000 spins and that the RTP was < 75% and that such a result was beyond any statistical variance for the advertised RTP. Since then, I have not kept notes, but I have played tens of thousands of spins and have seen nothing to suggest to me that anything has changed.