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    Jermain Taylor/Kelly Pavlik rematch

    I don't think they can top the first match they had.

    The rematch probably will happen in mid-to-late February, with the 16th the frontrunner as the date, but it will depend on HBO's schedule. Contractually, the rematch must take place within 150 days of the first fight.

    Kelly Pavlik will kick Taylor's ass again!

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    Taylor needs a better defensive stance then what he has been using. He needs to put both his hands up to his face instead of leaving one hanging under his chin, that is why he was getting killed with pavliks jab which also set up the K.O.

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    JT's making a mistake taking the rematch right away, rather than taking a tuneup fight. Tough to go right back in against a guy that brutally KO'd you.

    It will be interesting to see if Manny is still in JT's corner.