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    Cro Cop Not Returning Calls From The UFC

    Really sad, he EASILY could have went down as one the greats, but he just lost interest in the sport.

    The following is an excerpt from an article on UFCDaily:

    Cro Cop hasnít been taking the companyís phone calls of late and his future is very much in doubt. With such a high downside guarantee to go with his lackluster performance, he has become very expendable.

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    no big loss

    he has looked like shit lately

    he does not seem as motivated but then again, don't want to take away from his opponents

    he is not well rounded enough....hardly throws anything of significance from his right side

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    He should fight Chuck..."battle of falling MMA stars"

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    I wonder if Crocop's nasal problems were really affecting his stamina or if he was just making excuses. Supposedly he had surgery and the problem is fixed. We'll see in the future.