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    Cap dat 4ss
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    1 play today

    I got tricked into the trap last night. I took Denver as I thought they were playing better but the Clippers at home are NOT fade material. Tonight I see something very similar but this time Im gonna be with Vegas...

    Heat -5

    Most squares are gonna see this and just remember how bad the Heat lost recently and how good the Bulls have been playing. They're gonna pound the Bulls ML.

    Team SBR ride with me tonight to victory!

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    You can call me a square but I just don't see the Heat -5. Maybe squeezing it out in the end but not with the spread.

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    mighty maron
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    Who can comprehend the mindset of an elite NBA player? Do the Heat care about the regular season? At this point, nothing they do in the remainder of the regular season will count. This team will be judged by what they do in the playoffs. That being said, who the hecks knows what Heat team will decide to show up on what regular season night. Just pass on this game...easier games to forecast than this IMO