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    March Madness = Gambling Bliss... Who is gonna win it?

    It doesn't matter if you win or lose money, or how much you bet, if you're a gambler you feel it... it's the high that satisfies your craving that you just can't beat. Football is 6 weeks to the wind... pro bases haven't started yet (other than opening day or 2), and your head is ALL there... it's been focusing on hoops for a while. March Madness is the best sporting event ever and for good reason... so us degens. can fukin indulge in 63 (more this year... I think 65) games and 2 weeks of absolute gambling bliss.

    Let's go Bucks!

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    Going to Vegas that Wednesday night until Sunday Bachelor party.. BLISSS

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    And it starts this upcoming week with the conference tournies!!

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    great time of the year to have a bachelor party in vegas with March Madness nice.

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    kansas wins it all in my opinion so much depth

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    Irving has the walking boot off if he can play I'll take Duke