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    MLB teams that will likely go through the motions this season

    Should be no excuses everything to play for considering 16 play off teams this year but you will likely get a team that happy enough to finish 3rd place in there division and build a team for next year as usual.

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    Ok name those teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sosawestbrook View Post
    Ok name those teams.

    lol this guy. slayer give us some cricket winners

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    Front offices can go through motions and not try to win now and try to win later and purposely trade good players away for prospects. It's not always In their best interest to make a move that will make them a .560 team instead of .490 team this year, but will also keep them from being a .600 team in 2-3 years.

    The product on the field may not be optimal

    But the individual products are all trying their best to earn a spot, keep a spot, earn that first contract extension, up their arbitration numbers, or earn that first big contract.

    You don't get or continue to be a professional without putting your all into it.