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    Quote Originally Posted by jtoler View Post
    Nothing or nobody is worth waiting 10 hours for, tell the truth, you were miserable and wished you never went.
    No, it was awesome. Time went by quick because the people who were there were friendly and fun to be around. It was a bit uncomfortable standing around for that long but once Trump got on the stage it all went away. Engaging with the protesters afterward was also fun.

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    How was it? I live about 15-20 minutes from Lynden. I didn't go outside yesterday so didn't see the hysteria.

    I just want to know why he chose to go to Lynden, that place is tiny and is home to like 10k people.
    It was crowded and packed. Took me forever to get out of the fairgrounds because of all the traffic. He picked Lynden because he originally wanted to do his rally at Boeing Field in Seattle but King County would not cooperate so the Whatcom County Sheriff stepped in and organized the Lynden Rally

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    Quote Originally Posted by frogsrangers View Post
    It was awesome, I got there 6.5 hours early and there were still 1,000 people already in line. Line was over a mile long.

    Stood in the sun for 3.5 hours until they let us into the venue, then stood in the venue for about 3.5 more hours until he got there.

    Overall 9 hours of standing in the sun but it was worth it.
    At 9 a.m. about 350 people were in line on Kok Road, six hours before the event was set to begin;

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