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    Friday plays

    Got whacked on ewu last night but with some time today I have my plays locked.

    High point +4.5-106(6x) ml +172(2x)

    Wyoming +6-110(4x) ml +225(1x)

    Wichita State -5.5-110(2x)

    West Virginia -4.5-110(3x)

    Valpo +4.5-110(2x) ml +180(1x)

    San diego st -4-104(3x)

    Okst ml +118(1x) under 136.5 -110(2x)

    Maybe more later.

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    mix in nba


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    So basically don't mix in NBA and diversify Laker you now know that's the LAST thing you should do

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    Who the fukk is High Point?

    Like Valpo on your list. Maybe OK State as well.