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    Newbie Questions about NBA Betting Strategy Books


    I just posted a similar thread in the MLB forum.

    Can anyone recommend any good books or even videos on youtube to get my feet wet on learning about basketball betting strategies? Im not looking for picks.

    Any advice on some material would be great!


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    NBA is tricky. NBA is most injury dependent league there is, plus all the late rest decisions and such. Very efficient.

    Best thing, as with all sports betting, decide if you are going to try to be a trader or a modeler. Literally, make the choice and go from there.

    If you are going to be a trader, expect with the NBA, to sit in front of odds and wait for a particular book to have an off market line. Bet it when it does, and you should make money. Sit there and refresh injury reports, try to see if you can bet before the books adjust for injuries. Expect to be limited.

    If you are going to be a modeler, get good at python, and excel, statistics. Try to predict how the game will end. Line shop, try to understand which way a line will move.

    Both are hard, and frustrating. Its great when it goes your way, its tough when it doesn't.

    Any youtube video, that doesn't mention the above, is leading you astray. Any goofy, bet this situation, type stuff will lose. It tough to win. The books aren't a charity, they are beating 95%+ of players.

    Don't play parlays or teasers in the nba.

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    I would 1) biases, 2) situational as being key to n ba bettingbe

    1) big point spread favorites were great ats plays
    2) analyse back to back night games... First gam e home.after long road trip. Bounce back after bad result and opposite

    Use killersports.com database