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Benefits to being an SBR Pro:

  1. 100 Betpoints - Earn 100 Betpoints by going Pro with a charitable donation. *US only
  2. Double Forum Betpoints - Earn double the amount of daily forum Betpoints.
  3. Exclusive Pro Contests - Receive free entries to cash contests & giveaways.
  4. SBR Pro Trivia - Play Pro-only sports trivia in the SBR forum to win Betpoints.
  5. SBR Pro Poker - SBR Pro members receive free entry to select Poker Tourneys.
  6. SBR Store - SBR Pro members are eligible to redeem all SBR Store products.


  1. is an international website. SBRforum is not responsible for informing users of legalities relating to wagering activity in their specific jurisdiction.
  2. The PRO program is annual. Membership must be renewed in 12 months. A renewal reminder will be sent 30 days prior to membership expiring.

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