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    A thread for poster "WagerWeb SUCKS!!"

    Someone else brought up a topic that touched on yet another reason why WagerWeb sucks. I thought I would expand on it because I agree that WagerWeb sucks.

    The complaint was about a book that says on its website they offer Moneybookers payouts but they couldn't do it for him. This was costing the poster money and he wouldn't have deposited at the book if not for their full use of Moneybookers.

    Justin from SBR made this comment:

    Quote Originally Posted by Justin7 View Post
    I'd evaluate it as poor customer service. No different than when books ran out of money in their Neteller accounts, and said "Neteller is temporarily down". Sloppy and you have a grip, but probably nothing that can be done.
    To me, this was a reasonable response to the temporary problem that one book was having.

    But I think Wager Web goes below and beyond this explanation. It has said Moneybookers Payouts on their website for ages. But they refuse to do it. Every time. I talk to all kinds of players all the time and it has been going on for a year, I would guess.

    They claim they have a temporary problem and when asked when it will be fixed, they refuse to answer and just keep telling players they have to use other methods.

    It really is a bait and switch in their case.

    This is particularly galling coming from WagerWeb that is so quick to steal player funds based on loose interpretations of buried rules on their website.

    Apparently their devotion to their own published rules only applies when it works in their favor.

    I have heard of them doing Moneybookers payouts in one situation only. When they are stealing a players winnings and are only returning the deposit, they will send that by Moneybookers. I guess because they are hoping to get rid of that player as quickly as possible.

    This comment, although directed at another book, was apt when applied to WagerWeb:

    Quote Originally Posted by thebertshow View Post
    I believe they can do it, they just don't want to because it is slightly inconvenient or something.
    I would be curious what WW would say if questioned by SBR about when this temporary situation will be resolved.

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    Wager Web misleads horseplayers

    Wager Web misleads horseplayers.

    I have two grievances against them.

    1. They say they have a tiered rebate program based on weekly action. Although it is tiered, it is not weekly it is daily which makes it very difficult to get higher than the lowest rebate percentage.

    2. When I joined they said I could use free play bonus in the racebook. The website still indicates this. However, when I tried to use my free play in the racebook they refused. Must use in casino or sportsbook.

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    More proof: WagerWeb sucks! The public has been warned. As we get closer to football season, I will make sure I am more active to help out those players looking for a quality sportsbook and remind the public how they refused to pay me $37,000 that I won from them..............

    If I can cause just one person to avoid this awful sportsbook then it is worth my time - my bet says many people will keep away if they take the time to read the numerous negative posts on WagerWeb........

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    it is me, I will run away from them for sure, I vote for you bro

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    Mud makes a good point. It's one thing to run dry and another to misinform or neglect to update your site. Jazz users reported similar complaints.

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    I agree ! Another good point that Mud makes is......"I agree that WagerWeb sucks."

    Keep away for this place!