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    Enterbet states that it will intentionally slow pay correlated parlay players

    Enterbet states that it will intentionally slow pay correlated parlay players
    Two EnterBet (SBR rating D-) players have filed slow pay complaints with SBR in the last month. The first player requested his $4000 balance 18 months ago, while the second player requested $1500 in early November. In a discussion with EnterBet management on behalf of the two players, EnterBet stated the following:

    "These two players were verbally warned not to play correlated parlays. They'll get paid, but I am going to slowpay anyone that does this."
    Correlated bets are wagers where the favorite is parlayed with the over, or dog with the under in the same game, or parlaying two bets where winning the first leg makes the second more likely to win. The industry standard in dealing with correlated bets is to block games with too high of a correlation between the pointspread and total from being accepted by the betting software. Enterbet chose to instead accept all correlated parlays. SBR is continuing to speak with EnterBet on the unprecedented decision to intentionally slow pay the winning players.

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    One guy's been waiting 1.5 years? Sounds like no-pay to me. These crooks are no better than Sportsbook.com

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    Slow pay? Yes, Lenny at Cascade is in the same slow pay mode.

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    Maybe $1 a year, for 4,000 years.....

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    If Enterbet wasn't already rated a D- by SBR, the management comment about intentionally slow paying the correlated parlay guys would automatically downgrade them to that grade.

    I'll never be able to understand how anyone could ever deposit into a sportsbook knowing of their D- grade.