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    Quote Originally Posted by pilebuck13 View Post
    No pack I will have to check it out

    If you guys haven't seen this it's a must see terrifying movie

    I saw the first one, never seen the sequel

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    Ernest scared stupid
    texas chainsaw massacre
    Amityville Horror

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    Still have yet to see a horror that is scary

    Seen everything posted in this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJay View Post
    I remember renting first Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street when we were kids about age 12-13 when my parents went out.

    Scary as shit. We were afraid to leave the living room or go outside so we pissed in my momís plants.

    If I watch those today they are still a little scary, and a little funny, but nothing I watch will ever be as scary as when I was a kid.

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    the cabin in the woods plus american psycho p.s. the movie halloween ends comes out in 2021

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    hes one of us
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    the NBA , but can only watch 1-2 mins of it

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    Pit and the pendulum
    175 pts

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    Yentl is by far the most horrifying movie ever. For those who don't agree just try sitting through half of it. Back when it came out in 1983 I took my first ex wife (before she was an ex) to see it and I have yet to recover,.

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    Hallowe'en the original......when it came out. Scared the sh!t outta me!
    Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells gives me chills still.

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    Evil Dead 2
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    The Human Centipede

First 12