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    Quote Originally Posted by t-wizzle View Post
    Great chance. Lang teased Falcons and the Under.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveRyan View Post
    It's not an incorrect statement and the stats you show prove it. If you take Atlanta -10, you are assuming that they will play well and score a lot of points. If you take Jets +10 you are assuming that both teams will play poorly and keep it close.

    Not to mention that you probably wont be playing 2 team parlays every week, but when you do, would you rather take the 50.8% side or the other?

    Taking the Jets +10 and the over is square as fukk.
    Sorry, Mr. Ryan. You are wrong. It doesn't matter that you lost Monday night, the historical results prove you are wrong.

    BUT, continue believing you are correct, that you are a "sharp". The books love "sharps" like you.

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