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    being a true patriot does not involve blind allegiance to a lying government, trying to silence dissent, or telling natural born citizens to "get the fuk out" of the country just because they disagree with some of the things going on in washington that will have a negative effect on us and our children/grandchildren.

    "True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else."
    - Clarence Darrow

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    more like bashing america is the new red scare

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    Quote Originally Posted by ouman101 View Post
    I wish that we wouldn't give so much and use that money/resources for our own country.
    People will show up wearing flags driving rascals and scream about socialism if that was ever tried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milwaukee mike View Post
    Cant argue with the truth. After reading this thread i have gained a greater understanding as to y it is that 81% of americans have never been overseas....It shows in the lack of understanding and simplicity of a argument. Not saying people are dumb but a greater appreciation for mankind is something thats lacking. Individual differences people and all that it encompasses....

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