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    Game was horrendous. I'm glad I was on the right side of UConn and the under though, or I'd be super pissed.

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    Saw it in person. My first ever Final Four & Championship game in any sport. Crowd wanted so badly for Butler to do something in that game. I think even the UConn crowd was bored as fukk with the way the game went. In my own opinion there was something fukked with the rims. Too tight. Too loose, something. Guys called into sports radio in Houston and said they noticed the misses did not take "natural" bounces off the rims - whatever that means. I think there's something to the theory about the rims being fukked because in three games, you have one team shoot over 40%. So many putbacks from point blank range jumped off those rims too. Had a blast with my Dad, but the Championship game was certainly a total dud.

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