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There is enough immunity now that most of Trumptards either died or got vaccinated. It was going to go away once the herd immunity was reached by either vaccination or deaths.
No, that's incorrect. It was/is and will continue to be a control mechanism. If you haven't figured this out by now then you're basically a fresh mound of clay awaiting whatever shape the mighty hand bestows you.

I believe it was something like 70 positives a week in the NFL regular season and then once the playoffs started it came to an abrupt halt... Not a gradual dimmer switch, it was more like someone unplugged the lamp. I get that there's fewer teams in the playoffs, but the sum total of the games played in the postseason is equal to that of a regular season week.

There was no guarantee I was even going to be right when I made this thread. We could've had a spate of positives and I would've looked like a dummy. But of course it's not about health, professional athletes aren't high risk anyways, it's about campaigning for compliance, and the campaign took a break to allow that playoff money to pour in.