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    Tom Brady has some injury woes


    Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spoke on WEEI this morning, answering questions about the leg injury that kept him home while the Patriots traveled to Tampa Bay.

    While he didn't give details, Brady said the current injury he has isn't the same ankle injury that dogged him in the Super Bowl. "Same side of the body, and same leg, but not the same injury," said Brady. He said it also wasn't related to an Aug. 2 bump during practice, when running back Sammy Morris accidentally kicked him during a drill.

    "I spent some time this weekend getting treatment on it, and hoping that it responds quickly like it usually does," said Brady.
    Did losing the perfect 19-0 shatter more than Tom's confidence? He skipped some offseason conditioning with the team this year which he always attends, spending the time frolicking around Europe and Costa Rica, and California etc with his supermodel girlfriend.

    He's been so durable, is this a sign of things to come? Could this injury hamper him this year, and if so, it's got to put New Englands season wins total as well as their other futures in a real BAD place.

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    What is your objective here crazy? trying to scare ppl w/ unwarranted hype? you sound like a journalist trying to make something big out of nothing... I think you have a good career ahead of you.