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    Is Desean Jackson the most dangerous playmaker in the NFL?

    I don't think i seen a player as more dangerous as Desean Jackson for a long time. Devin Hester was pretty dangerous a few years ago whenever he got the ball whether its punt return or WR but Desean Jackson is definitely faster than Hester.

    Anyone think Desean Jackson is the most dangerous player in the game? He can catch the ball at the 10 yard line and run 90 yards because he is so fast. Of course he is incredibly injury prone but when he is healthy, i never seen a threat as dangerous as this player.

    His touchdown antics are so funny too

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    Man i hope you are kidding with this thread. Jackson is a joke the guy can't take a hit. He is always injured and is nothing but a deep ball threat. I doubt the Eagles resign this guy.

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    You forgot about the eagles qb...whats his name again?

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    Mike Wallace