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    Public dogs

    Public dog - An underdog the public strongly backs, as opposed to their normal method of backing the favorite.

    Can anyone remember a public underdog that has covered this season? Offhand, I can think of only a few:

    Giants +5.5-7 @ Chargers - Only remember this because I had the Chargers big. Chargers were 0-2, Giants 2-0.
    Bengals +2.5-3 @ Jaguars - When the Bengals were undefeated and the Jags were 2-2.
    Chiefs +5.5 @ Chargers - Chiefs were 5-2, Chargers 3-4
    Bears +4-6 @ Steelers - Bears were on long winning streak, Steelers were struggling.
    Seahawks +4-5.5 @ Packers - How could a 13-3 team be an underdog to a 3-13 team? Oh.
    Bears +3-4 @ Vikings - Same concept.
    Patriots +3 @ Broncos - Patriots as an underdog in the playoffs - as IMGV has been mentioning, something like 72% of the public was on them.

    I know there were more, and surely some covered, but these were the ones that I remembered. Hopefully this trend continues tomorrow, as the public, who saw the Panthers 23-0 win last week, seems to have forgotten about the Bears, and is staunchly behind Carolina.

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    Razz come on dude ... You know what I'm talking about LOL.

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    Haha. I'm honestly not an Auburn fan. My idiot friend saved that picture on my computer, and I made it my avatar the other day when I bet on Auburn against Alabama - oops.
    I keep wanting to change it, but I always crack up when I look at it.