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    any thoughts on this game.

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    I am leaning towards the Bears in this one. A case could be made for the Packers at home etc but given their standard of play recently and the length of their injury list i just can't see them getting past this Bears D. Add to that i really like the way Grossman straightened up that offence last week in the brief time he played. Then again i am always wary of a wounded beast. The Packers will do well to keep it close, but i'm taking the ML on this one. You never know, stranger things have happened. Then again i was thinking along these lines in regards the Steelers too.

    Best of luck whatever you decide.

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    green bay looked awful vs baltimore who has a very good d even after all the injuries

    favre has said this bear def is the best defense the bears have ever throw at him

    green bays best chance to win is favre (no surprise) but the bears are the best vs the pass in the league and favre's receivers tight ends are either in street clothes or mediocre

    pitt was able to run vs the bears (it started to snow late) but green bay's running backs have been getting injured left and right and gado is now out so it's hard to imagine green bay looks good in the running game although you can never assume the backup to the backup is gonna be a nothing

    green bay has a good pass defense although they dont have a ton of picks which is what they are gonna need to stay in this game

    green bay's run defense is mediocre and that's the majority of what the bears will throw at them

    in the past favre has been able to "be the difference maker" in a matchup that was even or maybe their were the dogs but even favre has admitted that is not quite as true as it has been in the past

    can't count on the bears to blow anyone out with the kind of offense they have but if green bay beats the bears is would be a pretty big shock to me and a momentum killer for the bears who are trying to gear up for the playoffs

    this would be somewhat of a boost to a terrible season to beat the arch rival bears at home but i can't see it happening

    if green bay plays their backup qb rogers at all, the packers will get killed
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