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    Mahomes not scoring

    they had the game won and the cover if he scores . I had chiels at -3 -6.5 -7.5 . I am not too happy . The bookies are celebrating. Does Mahomes get a bonus for this?

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    Yes, that was clearly a play that was a decided to not cover.
    If he would of scored, there was no drive that the Jets could have done that would have beat the difference in the Chiefs score and theirs. There was not enough time for the Jets to make up the score difference. He fukked many Bettors with that antic.
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    He played to win the game.

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    reason was defense was gassed n didnt want to risk injury to his team mates kneel = 100% win every tem comes hard at beating defnding champs now jets will get crused beacuse a huge dog losing by 3 or less points will lose next game no matter who or where thay play

    fade jets and wash too losing in ot is bad news for big dogs

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    I remember Saquon did something similar last season. Its the smart thing to do but irritating to no end!

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    Brian Westbrook did it about 15 years ago. It's a professional athlete being a professional.

    They don't care about your spreads, parlays, props or your fantasy team. Nor should they.