Still tweaking my NFL system for this year, but wanted to leave this here and see how it works out.

Part of my system is using my contest consensus. I've been using it for years and have had good results in the past.

Play against any Road Fav with a consensus of 90% or more.
Play on any Road Dog with a consensus of less than 10%.

Play Against
KC-8' (RF 98%). Play on NYJ+8'

Play On
Wash+10 (RD 4%)
NE+6 (RD 8%)
Ariz+14 (RD 2%)**

**Ariz is a 67% consensus pick in another contest. It's a play against because the consensus is picking the DOG.
Play on SF-14.

Usually one of these dogs with win outright. So far none have. I read somewhere everyone will be adding KC to their parlays and teasers......and on prime time with the majority of gamblers chasing .....that means KC and Mahomes.

Let's see how things work out.......
BOL to all!