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    NFL Logs Lines

    This is going to sound dumb coming from a guy like me but when guys like marc Lawrence or Phil Steele make their logs for their books where are they getting their lines from?

    Like the Westgate Superbook or a consensus line or where? I just didn't want to chart a spread and it be totally different from theirs. Any help on this is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

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    I couldn't tell you who uses what, but there is no consensus line. If you want a consensus line you have to create it yourself using odds from multiple books and weighing each book as you see fit. It's not actually that hard to do on Excel if you can scape or copy/paste data. Some years ago I used to copy/paste the lines from SBR's Classic odds and convert the odds of 9 books into a line for use on another forum for non-commercial purposes.