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    Scared As Hell There Will Be No 2020 NFL Season

    The recent spikes in Covid 19 cases across the nation has me scared as hell, and not just for the people this crap kills, but for the NFL season – which is scheduled for that time of year when all the “experts” say the “2nd wave” will happen. The NBA’s “bubble” protocol may work out for them, but is completely impractical in terms of the NFL – so – what the hell will they do? Thing is, being an old fart, how many NFL seasons have I left to look forward to? That may sound selfish, but it’s still a question on my mind, and no fact-based answer I come up with, satisfies at all.

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    I doubt they play if I’m being honest

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    It's becoming more doubtful that they will play. I pretty much have written off any normal schedules for anything for the rest of this year.