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    Clippers to Win Western Conference and Title

    Clippers to win Western Conference +550, to win title +1150

    It's in. Official.

    This team talent-wise is loaded. I understand Westbrick is a liability, but consider they had NO effective point guard. John Wall is washed.

    Kawhi Leonard is a 2-time finals mvp for 2 different teams. One of the teams, the Spurs, were filled with superstars and he still won mvp. He basically carried Toronto before getting out of Canada as fast as he reasonably could. So we KNOW he shows up when it counts

    Question becomes will Kawhi get injured. imo he's good to go. Bigger question becomes, will KD or Paul get injured, as they are the main competition. Regardless, injuries are pure luck. That said, the trade deadline is past, no more player movements, so i feel ok making this pick

    Ty Lue won a title as a coach. He'll have to figure out what to do with Brick

    George is a great player

    The team is filled with solid bench players. Picked up Plumlee who is another solid addition

    At overall 8 to 1 this is a great pick imo and I'm excited about it. Hopefully Kawhi doesn't tear his acl or some bs, but that's the luck.

    I don't think there's a gm or anyone who knows basketball around who doesn't think the clip can win the title on talent alone. If there's a team that doesn't give a s about the regular season, the clip show has to be near the top. Kawhi defined load management, and Paul looks like he's tanning at a salon no stress on him. These are the kind of players who show up only when it counts. And there are 2 nba seasons, preseason (also known as the regular season) and postseason.


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    Give it up Bud. There is a person around who knows about basketball and thinks the Clippers can't win a title... it's me. The answer with what to do with Brick is to cut him. He is useless. The West will be determined by the Suns & Nuggets.

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    Fair enough.

    The pick is in. It's official.