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    Ok, I am gonna see how my system for football works for NBA.

    Houston vs San Antonio

    Hou Off Avg = 87.9 ppg
    Opp Def Avg = 94.5 pp
    Hou is Outperformed = 6.6 ppg

    Hou Def Avg = 89.4 ppg
    Opp Off Avg = 94.0 ppg
    Hou Outperforms = 4.6

    Houston Composite Performance = -2.0 ppg

    SA Off Avg = 98.4 ppg
    Opp Def Avg = 96.4 ppg
    SA Outperforms = 2.0 ppg

    SA Def Avg = 90.2 ppg
    Opp Off Avg = 96.8 ppg
    SA Outperforms = 6.6 ppg

    SA Composite Performance = 8.6 ppg

    Last 4 years at home for San Antonio

    2005 3/3
    2004 47/53
    2003 36/47
    2002 38/53

    San Antonio has won 79% of their home games in the past 4 years raising their Edge from 10.6 ppg to 14.6 ppg

    San Antonio -8

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    only problem is Tracy McGrady was hurt, although if you just pick the Spurs every game at home they will cover well over half the time no matter how high the spreads get.

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    Ya, tell me about it. Had the Hawks +17 to the Spurs the other day, and they lost by 24.
    Damn Hawks were up like 13 in the first half too.

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    Yeah, but this is a system I put together earlier on in the football season. I have been tracking and it has done pretty well. A combination of NCAAF & NFL total plays have been 21 and have hit 15 of them. Resulting in a 71.4% winning percentage so far. I am testing it to see how it works for NBA, if it works for the NBA. If you would like to see my other posts you can go to www.sportscapperisland.com