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    Quote Originally Posted by strixee View Post
    Bet at Pinny then and become a millionaire
    Contrary: Bet at Pinny and become broke.
    If you want to be a millionaire, then you better bet at soft books.

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    The longer I bet with pinny the more it feels like going against top level heads up nlh poker players. A total brutal meat grind with not much to gain except high priced battle scars and war stories.

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    all this maintain into second half bets as well?

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    Of course CL beats OL, it's like betting from the future into the past: injuries, roster changes, rested players...

    However, beating the CL is not always a clear-cut indication of edge. If you are a computer handicapper and beat often the CL it may indicate that your model lacks originality and it's just picking the same numbers as all the others computers out there. Sometimes you can anticipate what numbers will be pounded by computer oriented players. Just look at how close are all the models at predictiontracker. I have seen handicappers that beat the CL more than 60% and have a Z-score of 0, and others that beat 60% and have a Z-score of 2.5. The former are beating random movement and the later significant CLs.
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