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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghenghis Kahn View Post
    Why are they pumping up Vettori like he's a championship caliber fighter? He has no shot against Adesanya
    He fought him once and it was a split decision. Have no interest in seeing this run back tho. Not a fan friendly style. let him fight Brunson. I would think that might be a good match cause he won't be able to rag doll Brunson and when Brunson wants to throw he will throw.

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    Vettori started to gas hard in that 5 rounder. He's not championship material but a gamer for sure. Tough dude with skills. I'd list him in the top 5 right now. Title contender no..

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    Kevin Holland's kickboxing could be top 5.

    While his wrestling is top 500.

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    Finally, one of my better card results. But, geez, another main event that wasn't exactly thrilling to watch.

    Early UFC plus some boxing was a fun Saturday.

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