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    Quote Originally Posted by frugalgambler View Post
    ...His father is billionaire so he does not have to bust his ass to....
    His father is far from being billionaire...merely a millionaire....all that rich boys son stories are made out....

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    With this win and making it to the semis here at Wimbledon, our boy Jerzy has a chance to leap past Raonic,Almagro,Simon,Kohlschreiber,Querr ey, and Monaco in the rankings.

    This win has guaranteed his rankings will be in the teens by next week.
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    As much as I love and praise Jerzy-Shorts, it's important to keep in mind that he's been more or less given a bye to the semis. The only somewhat real challenge he faced in Almagro and while he did play a good match, Nico also disintegrated gradually after 1:st.

    In fact, he rather failed to impress at all against Melzer.

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    Used to love watching this guy play then he left as fast as he came on the scene due to injury. Apparently he is a gamer now.

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