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    BetOnline Cashier's Checks

    When did the fee go to $75 bucks? About a week ago i checked and i swear it said $50.

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    Got the bright idea to go on live chat and ask, they say the third party processor has set the fee an it will be that way for a while. Damn low juice keeping me there

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    Look on the bright side sir. They are still cheaper than ABCIslands.

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    I don't buy the processor issue. Books do that crap to keep people from requesting withdrawals. I have been trying to make a withdrawal for quite a while, but fell into the whole bonus trap. Each time I email them asking how much more I must wager the numbers are different. The required amount, and the amount I have wagered never adds up. Originally I should have had to wager $23,200 plus change, since my freeplays won. Now I have wagered over 30K and still around 3K short. I have been betting an average of $200 on baseball everyday for the last month, and my amount needed to fulfill my wagering requirements remains around the same.

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    Thats why i dont even take bonuses anymore, books put you through so much shit with them its just not worth it. Its one thing that i feel seperates and A book from the rest. If your story is true, which i have no reason to doubt you, then thats another reason why BetOnline needs to be downgraded. Still a solid B, but i know they are a book that takes their rating seriously and the only thing that will get them to get serious about the recent problems they've had is to drop em down a notch.

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    Whenever a business screws you, it's either because their action is actually for your benefit or because another company forced them into it. It's never because they are greedy bastards and are doing it only because it benefits their bottom line.

    I used to take bonuses until I was given three different amounts that I needed to wager to get my bonus. Finally, when it was resolved I talked to the manager, told him about the problem, that I had absolutely no hard feelings and was planning on continuing to play at his book. After I had wagered the correct amount, I then withdraw all my money and have never played there again. I'm giving up "free" money, but for me the hassle is the cost.

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    They have customers covering the costs of paying the third party processor. Example, $1,000 ** withdrawal from Nicaragua to USA = $50 fee. They charge $75. I don't know if they're greedy per se, it's just that they make the customer pay their expenses. Some of it might be to discourage you from making a withdrawal every other day.

    Ha ha in a way, think of withdrawals having vig or juice. Get the most out of a withdrawal, or take advantage of one free withdrawal per month like other books have.