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    Best Teaser Books?? That Pay out

    Hi, new to the forum. Looking for some info pretty much lead me here. I was wondering about some decent books that have good teasers?

    So far, I think 5dimes and abc islands are pretty much it?

    I also was wondering how much does it take to get your limits lowered at 5dimes and abc islands?

    I'm just pretty much a rec player, who does teasers. I started tracking shit and found out I was winning around 57%. So I want to see if I can do this on a more serious level. I have a decent job, so losing some money isn't much of a problem as long as I lose it BETTING and not from getting stiffed.
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    First off, Welcome to the SBR forum sir

    You might wanna check out PayOffsPlus (AKA [iSBRFORUM]Betpop[/iSBRFORUM]) for parlays & teasers. Below is a writeup I did just recently for another forum poster about them.

    BetPop (SBR Rated B-) is located in Costa Rica and are part of the First Fidelity family of books. They are a very good recreational type book, but they will boot professional players so pro's please take note.

    They offer very nice bonuses, teasers,pleasers and sweetheart pleasers, along with some of the best parlay odds out there. They also will also let you buy up to 2 full points if need be. Their lines aren't the best in the world IMO, however they are fairly good overall. Also, please keep in mind that they will limit/show professional players the door, but will be treated fairly on the way out. So needless to say they are a recreational book.

    The types of deposits they accept right now are **, ** and ************ (3x's rollover and no bonus) No Echecks though guys. Their withdraw fees on Fedex checks are a flat fee of $55 ($500-$3,000 per check).

    Their customer service department needs to improve like most books, especially during the overnight hours. However, I would still consider it average in comparison to most other books out there that service U.S. clients.

    The things I really don't like about this book is that they will cold call you often. Another thing I didn't really care for is the fact that the customer service reps will tell you that you qualify for the bonus, and then you'll get the shaft after you make your deposit (Just sucks they won't Email the offer confirming the approval).

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    Thanks, I will check it out.