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    New Internet1x2 payout complaint

    New Internet1x2 (SBR rating D+) payout complaint

    A player reports that he has a pending request for $4,250 since 2007. The player tells SBR the $4,250 was part of an original request for $40,000 in 2004. The majority of those funds, $35,750 were paid after waiting almost two years. Internet1x2 had owed many players for a year or more until beginning to clear its debts in the middle of 2006. This players claim for $4,250 is currently the only pending 1x2 player complaint.

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    The payout complaint is completely believable, but you're telling me 1x2 paid out 36000 on a 2006 debt??? No need for that guy to complain the 36000 he received has already made me believe in miracles

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    Ive been hearing about no pay complaints from this book for at least 7 years. I still cant believe anybody is still playing with these guys. I remember when the RX first opened up, this book advertised for like 3 months over there. They had soooo many no pay complaints the RX, had to refund there advertising money and asked them to leave. This book was based in Sweden or Finland, if i remember correctly? They had perhaps the biggest tool ever as there representative i think his name was Dido or something like that, i think Nicky might remember his name. How they ever achieved a D+ rating from SBR is unbelievable, this is an avoid at all costs book.

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    I think his name was Ido, but I am not 100% sure. I also had an issue with this book but the good thing is that I have found this website because of them ;-)

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    Internet1x2 has specialize in marketing towards naive asian bettors that want to go the post up route, sometimes for many of this bettors is their first experience in post up. They advertise heavy in asian forums. The same bad feedback is heard in unrestricted channels.

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    There are Liat, Ido, and Eran who works there. I think Ido is the boss. A couple of months ago during the Euro 2008, I won like $600, and request for withdrawal via **. It was paid properly, but with a huge withdrawal fee.

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    Yes, Ido owns it and used to manage it. They have a hard working manager there now, Moshe. They started in Belize and moved around some over the past few years. It looks like their servers are in Estonia. We will see if Moshe will offer an office location.
    They slow-paid many over a 2-3 year span. It's a good bet some of them just gave up and never got paid. They did pay hundreds of thousands back to everyone who has complained and Moshe is on top of every complaint since. It's probably the one instance where a stiff book came to SBR after over a year with this knd of debt and said I want to make good, and did. A lot of their players like their odds and feel confident they will eventually be paid. It reminds me of the Royal Sports years.

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    Internet1x2 (SBR rating D+) tells SBR it needs until the end of the month to pay player $4,250 that was originally requested in 2007. The sportsbook has ignored repeated questions on why there will be further delay while communicating with SBR through email. SBR will note any new reported Internet1x2 complaints immediately.

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