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    Quick Question

    Hello and evening,

    I am new to the forum, but have been here quite often before to read posts. Also someone told me to post my question here since he is a regular member. Anyways onto my question.

    This afternoon I am out doing some work, come in and check my cell, missed call and a voicemail. Half the message was cutoff, so I called the number back. Some lady answered and asked me for my number to look something up. Comes back and says they are trying to collect a debt. At first I was like what? So anyways she tells me I have a debt that is over a year old with the book Bet Cris. Now I did have an account there years ago, but haven't used them since I mostly play with the Greek and BetJam. Anyways she verifies my address, which was correct. She says I owe them 2220 or it will hit my credit.

    So I am thinking well how the hell did my account have a debt for 2220? Second how can this hit my credit? I have not received anything in the mail from them. I managed to catch part of their name and it sounds something like "Joseph, Manning, and Creed". The number or area code is from LA as I looked it up. I did tons of searches, but nothing hits. Also did a search on the BBB of LA and nothing hits with any keywords or their phone number.

    I don't have a debt with them, so I am not just going to send them any money. They just call me one day out of the blue and tell me. Isn't this a little funny? Any ideas? What should I do? Forget about it? How can a book collect or issue a debt? How can they hit my credit when they don't have my social? I am confused. Thanks for any help.

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    Hi LayingLows- welcome to the SBR forum.

    I'm not entirely sure how to handle this situation, but I believe if you contact the book they should have your account history on file somewhere to explain where this debt is purportedly stemming from.

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    Does Bet Cris offer credit??

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    If you're in the US I am not sure how it would be possible to have a debt to an off-shore sportsbook be put on your credit report. Its not legal for any banking institution to get them the money. I smell scam.

    Call Bet CRIS CS and ask for your account balance. Get the number off their website, not one left on your answering machine.

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    I concur with everyone else's sentiments sir. Call Cris and speak to customer service rep.

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    possibly and misgraded wager if you were a dime bettor? I have been negative at a few books because of this

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