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    neteller bank account

    Just thought I'd see if anyone else was aware of this. I am UK resident but have opened a Neteller account in $USD. I have closed my existing account and Neteller are happy. I opened the new account in $ as I was fed up losing a percentage of my winnings everytime I made a withdrawal and it got converted back to . In some cases it was getting converted from to $ by the Bookmaker, then back from $ to by Neteller. I was losing money on commission charge and exchange rate differences everytime

    I thought I would link a $USD bank account with the Neteller account in order to avoid currency charges etc. However neteller tell me that when they do process withdrawals they always have to convert them to due to 'third party processing problems'. Therefore they advise that I use a bank account for withdrawals. I will obviously lose out on currency charges when they convert from $ to .

    This seems strange to me. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. I would be grateful for any feedback from anyone

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    Yes, Neteller stopped allowing USD wire withdrawals some time around January 2007 (I think), before then they were allowed. Since that time they have not even allowed wires to a customer's USD denominated bank account even if it is located in the same country and city as Neteller's bank account (London, England) so it would not need to touch the U.S. They continually say they have no plans to re-allow USD bank transfers.

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    just deposit it to some bookie, roll it over and withdraw it to your bank. Or start using moneybookers (if you can get the "nolimit" account)