Stock style sportsbook per se. Whatís interesting is whatever stocks you were holding, if you lost money they made you even +100. (There fees were outrageous). Hope they comeback.

Mojo has entered into a letter of intent to sell certain technology as part of an exciting, large partnership. While we cannot yet announce the details of the contemplated deal, it does mean that we unfortunately will be closing our NJ sportsbook operations.

To be clear, Mojo as a company isnít going anywhere. Closing our NJ sportsbook was a difficult decision, but it's the right move as we transition to a new future with an exciting partner; and we will continue to look at ways to bring back our career bet as a national, 50 state product.

In the meantime, all career bets have been settled and can be viewed in your transaction history on the app. And the good news is youíll get to keep any profits, and weíve refunded any open career bet losses.

If the current value of your open career position was higher than your initial stake, it has been settled at todayís market value. (If youíve made a profit, itís yours to keep.)

If the current value of your open career position was lower than your initial stake, the value of your initial stake has been refunded. (Youíll see a manual credit in your account and can withdraw that money.)