Hello everyone.
I'm using OrbitX via Asianconnect for maybe 6 month. My profit was around 0 for a long time. Now I'm trying to trade on prematch and close both sides in prematch - plus, minus or zero, no matter.
Now I withdraw 400 Euro few days ago, and yesterday made one more withdraw request and it is still pending. Around 18-20 hours passed. They told me in support that Upline of OrbitX will check all bets for 24 hours (around 1600 bets for last week). And I start to search about such weard situations. On forum Opti says that they are no longer trustable, and other members says that it's gone back to normal.
Can you help me and clear out this question? Is they are trustable for trading or better get out?
My balance around 2k Euro and I beleave amount of deposits is more than amount of withdraws.
P.S. English is not my first language, so sorry for mistakes.