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    Poor Caesars Experience

    Signed up at Caesars Ohio (top rated book here), then looked at the prmotions and saw you can bet $50 and get $250 in bonus bets, but noticed you have to use a promo code at signup to qualify. Chatted with support to see if I could qualify for the promotion as I did not see it prior to registering, they said no, and they were unable to manually add the promo to my account.

    Pretty odd that they would lose a customer over something so simple, not like there aren't dozens of other books fighting for customers. I will just move to another book and not deposit at Caesars. Not sure if anybody here has a relationship with Caesars but somebody should give management a heads up about what a bone head policy that is.

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    Their Customer Service is one of the Worst in the industry, by far! They will not relent on this understandable mistake. I had a friend that setup an account a few months ago and did the 1250 'Risk Free' bet. He lost and then looked for his Free Bet a few days later and it hadn't come. He got a hold of customer service after a few days and they told him that not only would he not get the Free Bet because he forgot to put in the Bonus Code, he couldn't try it again and that he was welcome to open an account in Another state but he wouldn't be able to take advantage of the promo there either. He attempted escalation but it fell on deaf ears. I just Thank God the software is good for my own sake, in that it 99% of the time awards the free bets for the promos because when I have to get a hold of support for stuff like that myself, it's a disaster class.

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    Caesars Sportsbook, by far, has the worst customer service in the industry! They don't even try to help you if you made a mistake. No VIP, no added bonuses for higher volume players. Diamond status only gets you a $20 free bet monthly.

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    Yes, Caesar's horrible. And they reply like 2 weeks later...once only, no further question or debate.
    If you want to keep dialoguing they don't reply further or at best a "your message was already answered".