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    Bet MGM Michigan

    So Bet MGM in Michigan is down for planned maintenance,in the middle of Baseball season, World Cup, and the start of NFL tomorrow, with no sure timeline of when they will be back up. CS says anywhere from a minute up to 24 hours, brilliant. Why not do this planned maintenance, after the last BB game on Sunday, or better yet during the All Star break.........Outstanding

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    Who knows. Maybe there was a glitch in the system and they had to rush to get to it. Have you tried BetRivers. They have a pretty good rewards program there and if you stay there long enough it just gets better. If I came in this subforum earlier; they have been giving a 50% free play ONCE per preseason football gameday. So, 200 LIVE BET gets you a 100 free play. Maxed at getting 100. Either way. It was the only reason I bet preseason football this year as I normally never would.

    They are seemingly always running a fairly decent promo and its across many sports too. Nascar/F1, Golf, you name it. The bonus bets are good as you climb the loyalty levels as well. Other than MGM, they are in my top 3 to play at state-side. They even have a Tigers (home team) bet I think every Friday night if you risk 250 you get back 100 bonus bet (win or lose). Don't quote me on the exacts on the last one. It went on all month I think.