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    Betus March Madness Contest

    Some of the fine print on these bracket contests is pretty funny. Obviously getting a perfect bracket is nearly impossible.
    But if somehow you were able to do it, Betus would give you a million dollars....

    "The grand prize will be paid in 650 monthly installments of $1,539. The first installment shall be paid within 30 working days of the posting of the results. Each subsequent payment shall be paid in full in exactly one month’s time until all 650 payments are made in full."
    In other words, they're going to take just over 54 years to pay you out.

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    J.G. Wentworth

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    I've seen this before. They probably a pay small fee to an outside company, that 'insures' them in case the million dollar bracket ever hits, and this is how they agreed to pay out.
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    I have a structured settlement and I need cash now... 🤣