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    Another option is monitoring their prices and trying to catch them out when they get off market (and/or trying to freeroll them on price changes during volatile periods using the short grace period to accept/decline a trade).
    What are the volatile periods when I could try to get a better btc price when I convert btc to usd? Are there more volatile times in a day or should I just try to convert on days when I see btc price dropping a lot? Do you know how much time i would have before initially setting up the btc to usd top up on crypto and when they would not accept the top up because market price changed?

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    You only get like 20 seconds or something iirc. So it's pretty hard to freeroll them for very much. Still on the rare occasions I trade crypto there, I will check the market price and reject the trade if it doesn't move against me in the 20 seconds. There's no great way to time volatility except that it tends to cluster, so if you see that it's moved a lot one day, you might expect elevated volatility the rest of the day and try to get some sells in. But this is very marginal stuff anyway and would probably only save you a few tenths of a percent.

    If you are very fee sensitive, I recommend going the longer route through another exchange and a bank account.

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    Unfortunately, these cards never seem to last long

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