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    Is there an easy way to get Pinnacle closing odds data?

    About to test a pre-match value betting strategy, and would like to compare the odds used vs Pinnacle closing line as part of this testing. Is there an easy way of getting these figures?

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    Pinny closing lines are all tracked here on SBR. You can check out https://www.sportsbookreview.com/betting-odds/ and go to whichever dates you need.
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    Good to know

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    thank you @dmm, I wasn't aware SBR tracks closing odds on Pinnacle by date, I always check sbrodds.com each day to compare opening/closing odds

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    If you can get them, try using middle market lines. Closers are much harder to beat (thus why books like pinny have such high limits then).

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    Make sure you check the times if you are going wtih SBR odds. It's a mistake to assume the last line (most recent) is actually the most recent line. Often SBR's feed will stop, sometimes hours before a game, sometimes 30 minutes.

    Sometimes it's minutes and then there really is nothing you can do. If you are using something other than Pinny or BM, then be especially aware as it happens more often with other books.

    Just two examples from last weekend include #375 Rice/Texas at 2pm eastern. SBR odds will show a 2:03 final report of +106 at Pinny but I know there was another report before kickoff at +104, the real closing line at Pinny.

    #367 USC /Utah @ 10:30 eastern. If you look at SBR odds for BetOnline you will see USC is a -1 point favorite. But that report is at 9:59 eastern, a full half hour before game time. USC closed an underdog in that game.

    Just be aware, and in the end it may not make much difference, or it might, but just be aware.

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    Does anyone know why it just seems to not be working at all for Soccer lines? Will only list something near the opener and then nothing.