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    Avoid casiniabet

    Hi, i've recently tried casiniabet.com. Got limited pretty fast so I am proceeding with verification and balance withdrawal. First thing what looked unfair is that i have to rollover my deposit one time, on only 1x2 bets with odds above 2.00 (spread, total bets etc are not included as well as any casino/slots games). So i've managed to rollover 0 eur and got limited and I will have to pay 10% fee for withdrawal. Ive deposited 900 eur and have 711 eur left (lost 189 eur).

    Now, about verification, they ask for confidential information:

    "Regarding your question from the Terms and Conditions 4.4.1 The casino administration reserves the right to request the transaction history for the latest 3-6 months with confirmation of the account top-up when making deposits from one of the following payment systems - Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz."

    I am running a business through my Neteller so I would have to show confidential information of my customers. Also that would be plenty of screenshots, like 50.

    What do you guys think about this?

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    Same happened to me. Casinia, MalinaSports, Campobet and Librabet are sister-sites and all belong to the Tranello Group Limited.

    They forced me to
    - make the 3x rollover of the deposit in the Casino as they limited me to 1 EUR in the sports betting section very early
    - send in several selfies with their website displayed in the background
    - send in the eWallet history of the last 3 months without allowing me to blacken anything

    BUT in the end they always paid, also substantial amounts.

    You have to weigh for yourself if you take the money or your privacy.