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    Bovada Bonus Rollover Requirements

    I'm looking for some help understanding Bovada's policies; i've lurked these forums for a while and read about how bad their customer service can be, so I thought I would try posting first. I joined Bovada a few weeks ago, made a $200 deposit, and received a $40 free play bonus. I bet the bonus on the Giants at 14/1 (before they beat the Packers), which paid out $560 to me. I understand that there is a 3x rollover on the initial deposit and the bonus amount, so that would mean a total handle of $720 before I can withdraw ($240x3). Based on that, here are my questions:

    1. Does the 3x rollover also include the winnings from my bonus, i.e. $720 + ($560x3)=$2400 before I can withdraw? I know this is the rule on some books, but I can't find anything in the Bovada rules or T&C saying that. I think the answer is no (and the handle I need is only $720), but i'm not 100% sure.

    2. I assume that I cannot wager the bonus winnings towards total handle, correct? My balance is listed as $739.11, with $560 of that as bonus winnings. Suppose I lose the $179.11 cash I still have in the account; will I then have to make a new deposit of cash to work towards the 3x rollover? i.e., once my balance is $560 (all bonus funds) I won't be able to make any new wagers until I deposit again?

    3. Does Bovada only count the lower of the bet amount or payout towards rollover? For example, if I lay 200 at -200, is that $200 or $100 towards total handle?

    Thanks for the help, I really want to get a straight answer without having to deal with customer service.
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    Hey! Bovada Service here, and we can help you with these questions. First off, let us welcome you to Bovada!

    In response to your bonus questions:

    1. The 3x rollover requirement is based on the deposit amount and the free bet amount. You do not need to rollover the winnings from your bonus. As you explain, you need to wager 3x the deposit amount ($200) + the freebet amount ($40) - a total of $720.

    2. Yes, you can wager the bonus winnings as part of the handle towards meeting your rollover. Any wagers made from your account balance will contribute to meeting this $720 rollover requirement.

    3. If you place a wager of $200, regardless of the line you are placing your wager at, the full $200 amount will contribute to your handle.

    If you have any further questions or need assistance, please also feel free to contact our Customer Service team at 1-888-263-0000 or service@bovada.lv.


    Bovada Service

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovada Service View Post

    3. If you place a wager of $200, regardless of the line you are placing your wager at, the full $200 amount will contribute to your handle.
    So if you deposited $500 with a 50% signup bonus, the rollover requirement would be $2,250 in total bets placed?

    Does this mean if you placed 5 $450 bets on blowout games you would be eligible to withdraw funds?