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    Beware BetOnline.com

    Nothing but problems with this book from my first deposit which took two days to hit my account(and it was ****)..But the real issue right now is false advertisement/fake bonuses you wont get. Of course they call and email about a bonus every 5 minutes but when you deposit and ask for your bonus you wont get it..They'll start off by telling you another department handles it..Then they'll say it may take a day..Well days later no bonus...Its not the point of what the bonus is worth but the issue of false advertisement and misleading players when they think they're depositing for a small bonus to throw on a game or two. I of course didn't get mine and they have always refused to let me speak to a manager or the supposed bonus department to get thing settled..BEWARE of them cause once you deposit you may or may not get the bonus and you'll be dealing with a customer service department that knows even less then you. They are amateurish. Ive even had problems with graded wagers. Had a parlay on two tennis matches which won and 4 hours later Im asking it to be graded yet they're arguing the match didn't even start. I watched the match from start to finish on tv. Not sure they have enough competent people working there to be considered above C-....BEWARE GL

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    A FKING MEN .. amen to that

    I am tired of the mods and Admins defending this shit of a book .. I have a lot of respect for SBR .. and I like to think their honest and trustworthy .. but B+ for this shit of a book .. god dam I will say whatever is on my mind .. but Shari warned me If I say anything foul in my posts again I will be permenatly banned .. power tripping mods lol

    I feel sorry for u USA players .. stick with BetFair or bookmaker .. they seem to be the only trusted books for u guys

    and please guys STAY the FK away from betonline , bodog, William hill , sportsbooks and any other shit book like it

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    I was on their live chat asking about what kind of bonus I could get if I made a deposit and she goes "we don't give out freebies"

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    I've tried to give Betonline every chance in the word and they still won't take my money. Stay a million miles away from this garbage book.

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    On live chat I said I'd like to reload for football season. The CS said what do you mean?

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    I've used betonline for the last couple weeks and I've enjoyed it. Haven't ran into any problems, but we'll see if that changes come withdrawal time...

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    Always get them. On live chat to tell u bonus Before u deposit.. Use ur brain brother