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    Sorry if I'm a little late..... more closings? Who is Industry Alert?

    Just got an email from "Industry Alert" out of Costa Rica. Never heard of them, never signed up to receive email from them or anything.

    Says sportsbook.com, PlayersOnly.com and superbook.com all have been "sold" and that I should pull my money out immediately. They provided me with a 1-800 number to call for customer support.

    Someone trying to get my information? Anyone know about any of this stuff? I had some money in sportsbook for poker, but when their customer support tried to lie to me, I demanded all my money to be taken out immediately.... just seems odd that I got this email.

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    no doubt its a scam.... probably a former employee who stole their database lookin to make a score of some kind. next they will tell you they are from the feds and you need to send $1000 to avoid being arrested or for gambling taxes or some other BS claim