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    Hi All,
    Hope you guys can help me.
    Can tou tell me the difference between the exchange, ARB betting and a simple bet?

    I am still new at this and I'm a little bit confuse.

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    An exchange is like a broker. ARB wagering is making money without risking anything. A simple wager is betting on an event and hoping you win.

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    Dan pretty much summed it up but just a few more details for ya...

    Exchanges you are offering bets to, and taking bets from other players. There is usually a percentage taken out from your winnings.

    An arb like dan said is two bets placed on opposite sides of a game and the outcome doesnt matter. Example

    you see over 45 +105 at betjam and under 45 +105 at the greek...you bet both sides and win a small amount no matter the outcome.

    Straight bets are self exlanitory. Pick a team to win.