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    World Cup 2006 Tournament Props

    any of you soccer guru's checkout those prop bets yet that pinny's offering on the world cup.

    heres one that looks rather interesting.

    Will a team be held scoreless for the Group Stage?
    Yes -215
    No +187
    no at +187 doesn't look to bad to me.

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    France, the reigning world champion from 1998, didn't score a single goal at the 2002 World Cup. They were joined by China and Saudi Arabia in the hall of shame.

    In 1998 there were no scoreless teams.

    In 1994 Greece scored no goals.

    In 1990 there were 32 teams, instead of 36, and all scored at least once.

    In 1986 32 teams played, and only Canada didn't score.

    In 1982 26 teams played. Everybody scored.

    So in the past twenty years (2002 -1982) 5 out of 198 teams didn't score. And no scoreless teams in two consecutive World Cups.

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    Teams that I think won't score:

    Trinidad & Tobago (Team B: Sweden+England+Paraguay)
    Togo (Team G: France+Helvetia+Korea)